Mortgage Brokers!
FSBO Sellers Need Your Assistance.

Why not offer it?

When you market your services to real estate professionals it isn't because they need you - it's because their buyers need you. Why not offer the same kind of assistance to FSBO sellers and their buyers?

FSBO sellers often have buyers who are not working with a real estate agent. And when neither the buyer nor the seller has an advisor, how will they know how much down payment is required for a mortgage loan? How will they know whether a particular house will qualify for FHA or VA financing? How will they learn what kind of paperwork will be required for their mortgage loan?

In order to find the anwers they need, most will flounder around, asking a few friends if they know of a good mortgage broker, and finally just pick a name from the phone book or a newspaper ad.

Wouldn't it be easier for those FSBO sellers and buyers if they could turn to you for the answers they need?

  • If they could come to you for a checklist of items to tell them whether their house will qualify for FHA or VA?
  • If they could turn to you for a master copy of a purchase and sale agreement? What if they could learn what inspections and disclosures will be required before you can help their buyers finance the purchase?
  • If they could call you once a week to learn about mortgage interest rates?
  • If you were willing to tell them what the payments on their home would be at the asking price if their buyers made a minimum down payment?
  • If you helped them by giving advice about home inspections?
  • If you supplied them with a buyer's checklist of items needed on a first visit to your office to get approval?

And if you showed them that your friendly manner would put their potential buyers at ease and help the entire transaction move smoothly along...
Wouldn't they be inclined to hand your contact information to every potential buyer - and wouldn't they tell those buyers about your superior service and helpful advice?


I think they would.

With all the bad press about banks and mortgage lenders these days, I think they'd be inclined to cling to you like a life-line. You'll stand out like a shining light in a sea of frightening people.

They might even be inclined to listen when you gently suggest that they bring in a real estate professional to help them market their house - making it more likely that the house will sell and you'll have a loan to submit.

It might take some of your time to find and contact those FSBO sellers, but contacting them and lending assistance could lead not only to one loan, but to many. After all, unless those sellers are leaving the community, they'll probably be purchasing a different home. And once you've had the opportunity to show that you're acting in their best interests, both the sellers and their buyers will glad to refer friends and relatives to you.

FSBO's Could Be More Profitable to You Than Real Estate Agents

Since word of mouth advertising is the most valuable thing money can't buy, marketing to those FSBO sellers could be an even more profitable use of your time than visiting real estate offices.

Real estate agents hear from dozens of lenders, so unless you offer something out-of-the ordinary, you're just one of the crowd. FSBO sellers, on the other hand, have probably not been contacted by any of your competitors. When you offer your assistance, you'll likely be the only one who does.

Marketing to FSBO sellers will be a little different from marketing to real estate professionals, for the simple reason that the professionals already know most of what those FSBO's need to know.

That fact makes it easier for you to make a positive and lasting impression on them, because you're offering the guidance they need to handle a sale on their own.

You can write your own letters to contact these sellers, but ...

Of course you can write your own letters, but you may not enjoy writing, and you may not have time to spend the 2 or 3 hours required to come up with a good, concise letter. Remember - to be effective in marketing, you need to reach out and touch people more than once, or even twice.

That's why I wrote a set of Mortgage Broker prospecting letters designed specifically for FSBO Sellers

This set of 7 letters begins with an introduction, and an offer to assist by showing sellers the closing costs they can expect to pay when their buyers' loan closes.

Each of the other letters offers cautions and advice, and of course - offers to assist.

    Here's the line-up:
  • Getting ready for the questions buyers ask
  • Introduces the property disclosure forms
  • Cautions about buyer to seller negotiations
  • Introduces the interest buy-down
  • Why ordering a preliminary title report now is a good idea
  • The benefits of a home pre-inspection

Writing these 7 letters could easily take 2 or 3 full days of your time, and if you hired a writer to create them exclusively for you, they could cost well over $1,000. You may not want to spend that much time or money with the economy in its current state of upheaval. So you'll be glad to know that the non-exclusive use of these letters costs less than just one exclusive letter.

In fact, the whole set costs less than filling your car with gasoline just one time.

That's right, for only $57 you get 7 good reasons to contact those FSBO sellers - and each letter will raise you just a bit higher in their eyes. By the time they've read 3 or 4, they'll know that you are not only an expert, you can be trusted to guide them and their buyers in the right direction.

By the time they get to #7, there should be no question that they'll urge their buyers to contact you. Or that they'll call on you when they're ready to purchase their next home.

But wait a minute...
...there's one more thing you can do to
seal your relationship with a FSBO seller.

It will take more of your time and will cut into your week-ends, but will also give you access to perhaps dozens of buyers.

What is it? Your offer to attend an open house.

I think that's such a good idea that I wrote another letter, making the offer. It outlines the benefits of having a person with your knowledge on hand to answer questions from buyers - as well the benefit of having an extra pair of eyes watching the house when several prospective buyers are wandering around.

You may or may not want to use it, so rather than increase the price of the letter set, I'm including it as a bonus.

But... I think you should. My guess is that if you use "Letter #8" with regularity and do attend open houses, you'll have a steady stream of home buyers looking for your help with their mortgage loans.

Why not order your set right now, so you can start sending letters as soon as tomorrow?

Yours for prosperity,

P.P. As with all my letter sets and e-books, your purchase is fully guaranteed. If you get your letters and find them unsuitable for your business, just let me know and your purchase price will be refunded. You can always reach me at: